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Demons are part-timers! !Season 2 – Episode 10

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It’s been a while since we’ve had an episode that I think fully encapsulates what the show should be. After two quick arcs that struggled to find a balance between humor, satire, and plot progression, this episode felt like a breath of fresh air. We got some great antics from Mao and the rest of his followers who keep saying they want a TV. You’d think this would be boring, but it’s absolutely hilarious when you consider the practicality of these powerful demons talking about basic necessities and indulging in simple pleasures. Both are just interrupted by excessive voice acting and cartoony facial animations. Even relatively subtle things, like this almighty angel Gabriel just barely spending time in an internet café while he waits patiently for the right time just casually inviting himself in to talk to people is really funny.

However, this episode is more than humorous, as there is a plot Moment presents progress from multiple perspectives. We ended last week with this thought and confirmed that the white-haired chick we saw a few episodes ago was actually Emi’s mom, and the reason she didn’t recognize her right away was because she didn’t know anything about her mom. In fact, she is an angel. The way the character is talked about in this vaguely roundabout way, I feel like this could have been written a little better. This is probably the only point where I find the writing particularly weak.

The best part of this episode is Gabriel near the end A conversation with Urushihara. With this intense self-importance, Gabriel is baffled by the fact that Urushihara would fall from the sky to work with demons. But Urushihara points out that what he’s doing now is more fun and interesting than what he’s doing with the other angels. Originally he was just sitting there looking bored. Even in the human world, his power is almost gone. As a behind-the-scenes maker who buys things online, he is more excited and proud of himself. It was a simple life, but one that made him happy.

Interestingly, this is probably the first time it’s been mentioned at all These characters live better in the human world than where they used to live. In the human world, Emi doesn’t have to worry about the church or hero status, and Maou may gain a more immediate sense of accomplishment than when he returns to the Demon Realm, because he just unites everyone and ultimately fails. I hope the show goes a little deeper as we start to wrap up the season, and when we start to pull back the curtains, learn more about what’s going on in the fantasy world. Score:



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