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Demons are part-timers! !Season 2 – Episode 7

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The Devil is a part-timer ! ! (TV 2)?

Community Rating: 4.1

Not gonna lie, it’s a bit anticlimactic, I’m not saying that because I was expecting some kind of battle or confrontation. I actually kinda like that the owner isn’t actually evil and she’s just a twist on protecting the beach for totally different reasons than everyone else. It’s so funny and unexpected that everyone is serving ghosts during this time. But otherwise, while we do get some action , but I did feel like this episode was trying to end so quickly that I had to go back and rewatch it to make sure I got all the information that was thrown at me.

Let’s put it this way: This episode we found out why the devil After coming to the human world where Olba is located, we have a general understanding of what the politics of the demonic realm is like now. Also, in the first episode, the horn that was cut off from Maou’s head turned into a sword, and the confrontation ended with Maou, basically just telling them to go home and perform well. If you sit back and think about it, Maou didn’t really do much fighting this season, on the one hand, I like to subvert the fact that he’s supposed to be the Demon Lord. But I’m also starting to get a little tired of solving problems through Peacock. Also, why does everyone speak Japanese? What happened to the language of Ent Island? This is actually one of my favorite world-building parts on the show, and for the past two episodes, I feel like the show just dropped it for convenience and inconvenience. The main thing we know now, though, is that there are multiple factions exploited while our heroes are in the human world, and everything seems to continue to revolve around acquiring shards. I really hope we get to go head-to-head with the landlady next episode because they’ve been dangling in our faces for the past few episodes and it’s starting to become my most curious thing right now.


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