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Demons are part-timers! !Season 2 – Episode 8

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Episode 8
The devil is part time worker! ! (TV 2)?

Community Rating: 3.8

I must admit, I’m a bit at a loss for what to say because apart from a conversation or two and Aside from the change of location, the episode is established in almost every sense. Personally I’m a little annoyed and surprised that everything about the landlady being clear about the whole situation is completely put here. Although the apartment has been repaired, she still seems to be nowhere to be found and the team still needs to find work as McDonald’s is still closed. So now we feel like we’re completely repeating the setup from a few episodes ago: the convenient situation arises that the gang can go a long way to get them to do some work followed by Emi and Suzuno because they can’t trust the demons, and then The episode ends with some supernatural hints. I’m going to put my thoughts on the creepy omen and be ready for next week because depending on how I handle it, I may need to talk nonsense, but for now I’ll try to squeeze as much as possible out of the episode Conspiracy though I feel like I just summed everything up.

Nice to see more Chiho and her family, Because she kind of became my personal favorite this season. Then again, she doesn’t have any supernatural powers or any real connection to fantasy worlds, but she does have a good heart, amazing patience, and she really seems to want everyone to get along. I love the scene where she walks with Maou under the stars and she says she wants to be the best for everyone. Her relationship with Maou does feel endearing and sincere, although I don’t think the stories will really address issues like Chiho being well aware that Maou technically does something beautiful. Terrible things, at least indirectly, led to the deaths of many people. In fact, that’s part of the reason why Emi follows them, because she’s personally uncomfortable with the demons who work on the farm, since they’re responsible for destroying the farmland she grew up on.

The conversation between Emi and Maou while caring for the plants is interesting because It almost felt like Emi was trying to convince herself that she was still a tough fighter who would kill Maou in an instant, just that other things kept getting in the way. But if he learns to feel remorse for his actions while he waits, maybe some of that anger will go away. Obviously she’s holding on to the fact that she’s going to kill him anyway, and I honestly don’t think the show does a good job of addressing why Maou doesn’t fully deserve it. If anything, the problem with satirizing the show in this way while also tending to serious discussions is that it does lead me to wonder where Maou’s character arc is going. I think given his experience and backstory, he has the ability to feel remorse for his actions, and in some cases I think he will. However, there are some behaviors that you don’t really get rid of when extenuating, so I wonder if the show will address that in the final episodes. Given the pace of the show, though, this could be the final arc of the season, so who knows what type of payoff will come until we get to the finish line. Score:



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