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DeShawn Jackson's miraculous nail in Giants coffin requires deep rewind

Every NFL game has its own unique history of narrow wins and brutal fourth-quarter crashes. In 2004, the Packers beat the Vikings by the same scoreline (34-31) in both games, with the same ending (Ryan Longwell’s field goal percentage in the final game of the game). The Raiders of the ’90s, who won back-to-back games in Denver, blocked the Broncos’ shot attempt in the final game. But no one decides a game with weird, inexplicable play like the Eagles and Giants.

Michael Strahan’s second and final career pick six? Happened in the Eagles-Giants overtime game. Herm Edwards’ most famous moment as a player? Yes, that’s the Eagles Giants. A game-winning touchdown where the team attempted a field goal? Whose shot was blocked? But somehow retrieved the ball, allowing a striker to run into the end zone? Eagles-Giants, baby!

Which brings us to today’s theme: The Miracle of the New Meadowlands. With the No. 1 spot in the 2010 NFC East on the line at the end of the season, the Giants are looking to prove they’re right about keeping their Super Bowl-winning core together. Instead, the Hawks need to prove they made the right decision by letting several veterans go and bringing in new talent. Threats who… just returned from the punt. If you don’t know what to expect, get ready to ride like crazy. If you do, well, I hope you’re not a Giants fan.

Because this will hurt.



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