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Designer Taofeek Abijako explores black holes in his new exhibition

When New York Fashion Week comes in September , Head country designer Taofeek Abijako isn’t quite ready for a brand new fashion show. “I need time to breathe and let the audience deal with my last series [Homecoming

],” said Abijako, who just launched his own label High school students . But that’s not to say the Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based designer isn’t inspired: Instead, he’s embarking on a special new art exhibition, which will be on view in New York City this weekend. “I’ve always wanted to do an exhibition,” says Abijako. “I like the idea of ​​showing a collection each year and then showing the exhibition around a specific narrative.” with Paul Hill – Strada Founder of , a Gen Z-focused art gallery and online marketplace – Heads of State will present “In the Moonlight We Turn Blue” starting in October st passedrd. Show explored black vulnerability; Hill and Abijako were inspired by their favorite movies Moonlight , “In the moonlight, black boys look blue.” Abijako said, “If you look at what that means, it means in private spaces, after dark, black boys There is a degree of freedom – being able to be vulnerable without any prejudice or judgment. We want to focus on artists who explore vulnerability not only in their work, but in the spaces in which they exist.”

Designer Taofeek Abijako on His New Exhibit Exploring Black Vulnerability



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