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Despite facing 109% inflationary pressure, Argentines are grilling more steaks

By Anna-Catherine Brigida and Lucila Sigal

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – The Argentine is expected to be in five years Most eaten beef, extended Friday’s Rosario Grain Exchange report showed that despite the painful impact of 70% inflation on food prices, the country still consumes the most steak per capita number one country.

As a major beef producer, “asado” grilling is an important part of the culinary culture, with steakhouses dotted city streets, beef Consumption has declined.

However, this appears to be partially reversing, even in the face of one of the world’s highest inflation rates severely damaging spending power. Analysts predict that inflation may reach 130% by the end of this year.

“Nonetheless, the traditional asado remains one of the mainstays of the local gastronomy tradition and is a must on most Argentinian tables,” the exchange said, adding that this year’s beef Consumption may be 53. 1 kg per person.

The relative cost of beef to pork and chicken has declined since 2021, but remains above historical averages, the exchange said. Total wages are also slightly above 2021, but again below historical averages.

The proportion of beef in meat consumption this year is from 44% two years ago Climb to 44%. However, the volume of beef and its share are still well below the peaks of some 70 kilograms and above 70 per capita in the past two years ten-year percentage.

The recent data surge highlights the importance of beef in Argentinian culture, even with the highest inflation rate since 1991 putting some % of the population was pushed into poverty.



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