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Detective Conan manga has sold 270 million copies worldwide

© Gosho Aoyama, Shogakukan

Japanese entertainment news website Real Sound reported on Thursday of Gangchang Aoyama ) comics have 270 Millions of copies in circulation worldwide (including unsold copies). Manga’s 26 Volume 2 was shipped in Japan in September .

Manga’s global circulation in October exceeds 254 million copies1996, while comics 100 Volume 1 released in Japan.

Aoyama released a manga at 400. The manga spawned a TV anime that has been running since 1996, and a companion animated film series. Of the movies in this series, (Steel Submarine), will be released in Japan in April.

Three spin-off manga from the series have recently inspired anime adaptations:
(Detective Conan Police Academy Wild Police Story), , .

Source: Real Sound

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