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Detective Conan: The culprit Hanzawa animation casts Akira Ishida as Sako Hakuba

Kanba Mayuko’s official twitter account for TV anime of () The manga revealed on Wednesday that Akira Ishida will join the anime’s cast as Sakumo Hakuba. Ishida has played this in the anime of and Role. The former is a detective hunting down Kaito Kid, while in , he is also a part-time colleague of Banzawa. The animation will be on Tokyo MX and Yomiuri TV will premiere on October 3rd on BS


and Netflix aired worldwide on October 4th.

Shota Aoi will play The veritable protagonist Hanzawa-san. Inori Minase will play Hanzawa’s pet Pometarō. Hayashihara Megumi and Koyama Rikiya will reprise their roles as Haibara Ai’s Character and Kogorō Mōri, respectively.

Autaro Land (282

, , ) Directing animationTMS Entertainment Studio 1. Fū Chisaka is designing the character. Mayumi Nakajima is the art director of Studio Cocolo , while Chieko Nakamura is in charge of art supervision. Hiromi Miyawaki is a chroma key artist. Akimi Sasaki is the compositing director of photography, while Ikuyo Fujita Editing. Yasuyuki Urakami and Keiko Urakami are audio directors. Kaori Yamada credited for sound effects. Jun Abe and Seiji Muto are composing. Audio Planning U Acclaimed for sound production. Niihama Lyon

Performed the opening theme song “Tsukamae, Konya” of the animation. (Arrest me tonight.), at the same time Mai Kuraki performs the ending theme song “Secret, My Heart”. is a gag comic where the black silhouette “criminal” that appears in the chapters represents the mysterious culprit. The manga debuted on in May 2001. The sixth volume compilation of the manga ships in Japan in October 2021. Gosho Aoyama ’s The manga also inspired the recent anime adaptation of the spin-off manga, Takahiro Arai of (). The anime premiered on April 5 and concluded with its sixth episode on May 9. Netflix will release the anime worldwide outside of Japan in July. Source: Anime’s Twitter Account via Ota-Suke



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