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Detroit Metal City's Kiminori Wakasugi to Release New Manga in August

from the Elementary School Hall The August issue of magazine announced on Wednesday that Kiminori Wakasugi will publish a A new manga titled Akina-chan Kamigakaru (Akina-chan is Posessed by a God) appears in the September issue of the magazine, which will be August issue .drunk

Manga Central about Akina, a man working on the next hit manga professional cartoon creator. As she prepares for her next series, a mysterious, comic-like phenomenon overwhelms her. At the same time, a strange phenomenon also happened in her hometown.

©Wakasugi Koki, Baiquanshe

Wakasugi was recently in February 194719 ended his comic (pictured right) . This comic was published in at Baiquan Club in October

published in the magazine .

Hakusensha published the third and final volume of the manga in May 12.

Wakasugi launched Asunoe-kun Grand Kara at Kodansha Comic of April2009. The manga ended in June

with .drunk

Wakasugi launched Rhyming Man in in May

manga , and ends in December 2010.drunk Wakasugi Yu 2010 and

Viz Media publish comics in North America. The manga inspired the live-action film and original video animation. drunk Wakasugi released his manga in 400, ends with . The comic has inspired live-action television, specials, movies and web series. drunk

Source: August Issue




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