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Di Petsa Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

” This is also about self-exploration and healing A more esoteric way to create work,” Dimitra Petsa said at the screening of the companion film to her latest series

The Moon Tastes of Wine . “Where does the artistic impulse come from? Why isn’t there a clear path to creative success?”

This The film itself — written and directed by Petsa and filmed by Petsa for Petros Ioannidis — draws inspiration from the Mystery of Dionysus, an ancient Greek and Roman ritual that involved intoxication and hypnotic methods to liberate the individual to achieve The most carefree and natural state. Set in Athens, near Petesa’s hometown of Rafina, the film, played by Belgian actor Aurora Marion, struggles with writer’s block. Eventually, the scene turns into a frenzy, with each character finally releasing their inhibitions and dancing away their pain, all while wearing a series of body-conscious Di Petsa creations.

These clothes are a celebration of all stages of growth, from kids to parents, while introducing new technology into Petsa’s signature. There was a sky-blue beaded miniskirt that took two months to complete: the detailing was meticulous at the couture level. A delicately draped kaftan on a gold chain around the neck feels particularly solid. Children’s clothing is also included. It comes in the form of a matching mother-daughter swimsuit set with a new print inspired by sea-washed ancient Greek terracotta (the print is also used in the slinky skirt).

This Greek goddess-inspired wet look Illusion dress – from

one of Petsa’s best-selling pieces since the brand’s launch – in a new iteration Get a boost to include a white strapless version that reveals a baby bump and a striking pink floor-robe, adorned with healing rose quartz crystals and glass beads.

Pesha, who appears in the film, said, “I feel so frustrated when women’s bodies are sexualized or medicalized — either There is no narrative. Empowering women is very important to me.”



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