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Diane Kruger to play Marlene Dietrich in new Fatih Akin drama

Inglourious Basterds and National Treasure Star Diane Kruger is to be in In the Fade Director Fatih Akin . 2017

Akin’s Bombero International A five-part series in progress, tentative title Marlene , along with the small German major UFA novel, based on Dietrich’s biography, Meine Mutter Marlene (My Mother Marlene) Dietrich’s Daughter Maria Riva. Akin will adapt the book for the screen in his first TV project. Kruger will also executive produce.

Kruger stars as Akin Faded as a man who seeks revenge for the racially motivated killing of her Turkish husband Woman. The film premiered at 2017 Cannes, where Kruger won the Best Actress award.

“With Fatih’s talent and ability to see the depths of everyone’s soul, I’m sure this will be more than a story about idol and world star Marlene Dede Li’s series, but above all an intimate portrait of this unique woman living in extraordinary times,” Kruger said in a statement. “I can’t wait to be in front of Fatih’s camera again and put Marlene Dietrich back in the spotlight.”

Akin called the project the “biggest” project of his career. challenge,” but said Kruger was the perfect actor to play Dietrich.

“There is no one better than her. Marlene is not just a movie icon, but an exiled woman, a German immigrant to America, a resistance fighter, and more,” Akin said. “She’s also a UFA artist, which is why I’m even more happy that the series has found its home there.”

Added Nico Hofmann and Sebastian Werninger of UFA Fiction, the Two producers of the series: “Marlene Dietrich is an icon of our time: her openness to sexuality, her explicit [anti-war] stance in Nazi Germany, her cosmopolitan nature and her commitment to diversity The sexual embrace…Marlene Dietrich [both] myth and legacy, one of Germany’s greatest biographies, the true complexity of which has never been told.”

Akin and Nurhan Sekerci-Porst are producing Marlene for Bombero International, along with UFA Fiction’s Werninger, Hofmann and Herman Weigel. Kruger, Maria Riva and Scott Levinson are executive producers. Peter Riva is co-producing.



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