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Did Ned Fulmer From the Strive Guys Cheat? Throughout the Rumors

It can be dangerous to get sucked into the world of online theories and conspiracies, but sometimes, the rumors are simply too compelling to ignore. Recently, speculation has begun swirling that Ned Fulmer, one member of the Try Guys on YouTube, cheated on his wife. What makes this extra ironic is that Ned is the member of the group who spends the most time talking about how much he loves his wife.




Did Ned Fulmer actually cheat?


There’s certainly been plenty of speculation and innuendo around the idea that Ned cheated, but some aren’t convinced that there’s any truth behind the rumors. Rumors began to swirl when Ned didn’t appear in any videos or content beginning in early September. Then, they exploded when a user on Reddit claimed that they had taken a video of Ned making out with one of his employees, Alexandria Herring, and sent it to someone else who eventually sent it to Ned’s wife, Ariel.




The user who eventually sent the video to Ariel claims that they talked about it for an hour, and while the video is blurry, it seems as though it was more than enough to cause a real stir online. Will Thayer, who is Alexandria’s fiancé, has now unfollowed her on social media and returned his account to private. At this point, all of this is nothing more than speculation, though.


Ned is no longer working with the Try Guys.


On Sept. 27, the Try Guys announced via Twitter that Ned is no longer working with the group.

“Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys,” the statement reads. “As a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a path forward together. We thank you for your support as we navigate this change.”



While many fans think this kind of cheating scandal is really a personal issue, it’s worth remembering that Ned has fostered an image as the ultimate wife guy. What’s more, he even roped Ariel into creating content for the platform, which only makes the whole thing feel even weirder, and makes it both a personal problem and a business one.


The Try Guys are shifting to one video a week.


The Try Guys recently announced that they were shifting their schedule and only releasing one video a week moving forward. This news was surprising to some, and it comes after some internet sleuths discovered that Ned seems to have been edited out of several pieces of content that he originally appeared in. They have yet to explain Ned’s absence, although it’s possible that they will sometime soon.




Many are inclined to believe the rumors that Ned has cheated, as it would also explain why he seems to have disappeared from the YouTube channel almost completely. Ultimately, though, there’s no real evidence for this allegation yet, and we’ll have to wait for more official explanations to better understand what Ned did.



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