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Digimon Ghost Game Anime Episode 68 Ends March 26

ghostgame©Hongo Akiyoshi, Toei Animation March issue of this year of Kadokawa store Magazine, Ships Friday, Lists , New TV anime will end with ghostgame episode 66 in March. 20th 19 episode will air in March and 68 Episode 1 will premiere in March .

Anime premieres in October450 and aired on Fuji TV Sunday at 9: AMCrunchyroll is streaming the series.

The anime did not air during March 26, 450 and April 00 Due to Toei Animation hack, and rebroadcast in April 10 , 68.

The anime is set in the “near future”, and rumors of a strange event called “holographic ghosts” have surfaced on the Internet. The show centers on Hiro, who is able to see Digimon after activating the “Digivice” left to him by his father. Together with Digimon Gammamon, they investigate abnormal phenomena that occur around them in daily life, and slowly step into the world of Digimon.

Chioka Kotoshi ( ) and Masato Mitsuka (

) is working as the series director of the show at Toei Animation. Sogo Masashi ( ) Responsible for the series script. Tenya Yabuno is the original character designer, with

Hiroshi Izawa for planning assistance. Mariko Itō is adapting Yabuno’s character for animation. Kenji Watanabe is Digimon’s original character designer and Cho Shinozuka is adapting these Digimon designs into anime. Mai Ichioka is the Art Director and Toshiki Amada is credited for the art setting. Akiyoshi Hongo is an original work.

Source: March Issue

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