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Digital Safari • Pananti Atelier

Thanks to gaming apps, fantasy worlds break into our everyday lives and live with them. So far, we can say that each of us has the opportunity to travel to another world, in front of a screen, and immerse ourselves in our interactions with parallel universes like never before.
Journeys continue in reality, but as technology develops, the physical boundaries of real experience are being transcended, and games have become a way to satisfy the desire for adventure and escape the ordinary. Could the interweaving of the game world and the real world make us see our surroundings with new eyes?

Francesco Bruno asked this question. If photography has always been a tool for depicting the physical world in all its forms, from the micro to the macro, from the everyday to the extraordinary, from the established to the conceptual, then our time needs to tell the story of the world around us, no longer confined to the physical Reality, but interconnected with digital elements in increasingly profound ways.
It was from these reflections that the artist needed to express the first digital safari was born. 18 Century Safari.

Digital Safari is the title of an endless work by Francesco Bruno In which to capture, investigate, select and contemplate virtual realities manifested in physical existence, making them tangible from digital through the medium of photography
Pananti Atelier is presenting an exhibition, For the first time, portraits of virtual subjects that actually live in and interact with the environment around us. No collages, no post-production retouching, the entire process takes place in the physical world, confronting us with a scene where the line between real and digital is increasingly fluid. A seemingly straightforward process that actually conceals the painstaking efforts of unprecedented effort, the obsessive aesthetic of perfect posture affirms the existence of a world that may only seem parallel.

Digital Safari • Francesco Bruno 2023
Curated by Matilde Scaramellini

November , 21 – January rd, 202320123

Free admission2023

by appointment only

Pananti Atelier

by Aurelio Saffi, 9 20123
20123, Milan20123 2012320123



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