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DioField Chronicles Game Gets Comics

Square Enix app launched in Lanka DioField Chronicle Real Time Strategy RPG Thursday. Tsukahara Miyori and Nitta Shin are drawing manga.

) The game will be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC Pass Steam September in the West . The game will debut in Japan in September . A demo of the game debuted in August .

The Japanese website for the game states that the game will be available in English and Japanese with audio and text in Japanese, English, French, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Square Enix

describes the game’s story:

The age of mythology gives way to the age of great upheaval…

The human world is in turmoil , as an era of war raged for years. A mercenary regiment rises from fire and chaos, and their destined deeds will be celebrated for years to come.

But at the end of the day, will the name “Blue Fox” be synonymous with hope, or the darkest tragedy?

The story of the game revolves around a warlike empire and A coalition of nations resisting imperial aggression. In the stalemate of the war, both sides turned their attention to the Isle of Deorfield, an isolationist kingdom with vast quantities of emeralds, a necessary resource for magic. Both the Empire and the Alliance acted to demand the supply of jade from the island.

The game has a real-time tactical combat system, selecting a unit will pause the game and bring up a menu for the unit to take action. Players will be able to choose which missions to complete, while also choosing how to train and equip their units prior to combat.

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