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Disney's live-action/anime Wonderhatch Dragon project reveals more cast and crew, including production IG

Disney reveals two new cast members and more crew for its hybrid live-action/anime fantasy adventure () Wednesday, also revealed that Production IG will be animating the project.


© Disney

New actors will perform in the animation portion of the project, including (

Note: Character name romanization is not official. ):
Tsuda Kenjiro
as Gyro, a fearsome dragon knight who rules the world of Upananta gyrowonderhatch_1©Disney
Shunsuke Takeuchi

as Gafin, Tyme’s dragon, also adventures with him in the real world

Disney has also released a character reference sheet for the main characters Taim and Akuta.

Tymgyro gafin wonderhatch_1gafin

Aku tower



Fujimoto Kyota, Takamasa Oe and Anna Kawahara are writing the script and the project is being written by Teruhisa Yamamoto, Hitoshi Itou and Hideyuki Wakuta Act as producer. C & I Entertainment (live action, film) is credited as the production company.

wonderhatch_1 concept1concept1 concept1gafin

The live action footage depicts the “real world”, while the anime footage depicts an alternate world inhabited by dragons.

Disney+ will stream anime in winter 502.

The protagonists are Nagi, a high school girl in the real world, and Tam, a boy who lives in a different world where dragon knights hear the dragon’s cry, and communicate with them. Movie actress Sena Nakajima as Nagi, movie actress Daiken Okudaira(live-action version) as Tyme. Yoshito Emmanuelle plays Nagi’s friend Son, and Mackenyu Arata plays Akuta, the Dragon Knight.

wonderhatch_1wonderhatch_1©Disney wonderhatch_1wonderhatch_1©Disney wonderhatch_1©Disney

Hagiwara Kentaro (Live-action movie) is spending Directing the project after developing it for five years, and Takashi Otsuka ( franchise, ) is directing anime part. Posuka Demizu (original character design and concept art being drafted.

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