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Disney's Twisted-Wonderland Comic: Plot of Heartslabyul Comic Concludes in Next Chapter

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The October issue of of magazine revealed last Friday that by Wakana Hazuki and Sumire Kowono The manga will be published in the next magazine in October The next chapter of the period ends.

The third volume of the manga was released in July The manga will end this winter with a fourth volume.

Comic on

Launched March 2020, adapted

main story The first smartphone game.


There used to be a manga anthology with stories from various authors that shipped in November 2020. The second manga anthology 2020 released in April.

Game launched in Japan in March and launched in January 20 in the US and Canada for iOS and Android devices.

Comic Creation CreatorYana Toboso is responsible for the main concept, scene and character design of the game. TROYCA To animate the game’s opening animation, Night Ravels sang the opening theme song “Shards of Minecraft”.

The game is centered on villain-inspired characters from the Disney movies, described as a “villain academy adventure game” with Rhythmic game elements and combat.

The story of the game begins when the protagonist is summoned to another world by a magic mirror. There, the protagonist came to the famous magic training school “Night Crow Academy”. With nowhere to go, the protagonist is protected by the school’s masked principal and befriends the school’s uncooperative gifted students while trying to find his way home.

Night Raven Academy has seven dormitories. Each dorm character is inspired by a different Disney production, including Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, Hercules, The Lion King and Sleeping Beauty .

Disney Plus subscription service announced in October 27 This game is inspiring anime adaptation projects.

Source: October issue




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