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Do dogs die?

Save the heartache and check out this awesome site before hitting play.

by Chris Norris

March 30, 2022

Spoiler: Sparky and​​Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) in WandaVision

Image: Marvel Studios

Your pet wants you to read us newsletter. (Then give them a treat.)

Movies often tell us where we are in our lives – how our priorities may have changed and what we can no longer tolerate on screen. My doctor sister – a black belt in karate who isn’t afraid to intubate or deliver – found she couldn’t watch after giving birth to her first child

Finding Nemo

, a G-rated Pixar The adventure, full of wholesome life lessons, begins with the massacre of a mom and nearly all her children. She realized that this food was not on her menu. Similar changes may be seen in those adopting their first dog.

At least this is an explanation of the plethora of recent online sources, These resources categorize animal appearance, treatment, and adverse outcomes in entertainment media. Over the past few years, these sites have included Tumblr’s Dogs in Movies Database (DIMDb), gamer Twitter’s Can You Pet the Dog?, and a few others, all more or less following the awesome-dot Is the site dog dead?

Software developer John Whipple founded the site in 2010 , though he credits his sister for providing the initial spark. After reading the screenwriter’s manual Rescue the cat

, she realizes that Hollywood often uses appalling tropes of endangered animals to manipulate audiences. Whipple acknowledged some overlap with sites like TV Tropes and various pages on IMDb, but his initial vision for the site wasn’t mean or trivial.

“Our mission is to help people navigate the media that otherwise would Wouldn’t even try to enjoy,” he said. A lifelong dog lover, Whipple lost his dog a few years ago and found not having one so unbearable that he adopted a puppy within 24 hours. “The original vision for the site was definitely pet-centric, but we quickly discovered that many of our users have a deep emotional connection to the things we track.” These potential triggers expanded dramatically as users proposed new categories , now from “there are bugs” and “the ending is sad” to cases of miscarriage and rape.

Whipple admits to being surprised by some of the suggested categories, For example The dragon doesn’t die?

“Not because of the category itself,” he said. “But because in that case, the user who requested it said they ‘had a pet dragon that was brutally murdered as a child’. It was at this point that I realized two things: 1) many of the things we tracked It’s no big deal to most people, 2) everyone on earth has at least one thing that’s important to them] if they were surprised by it in the movie.”

In recent years, Whipple has also helped launch the site, mostly by importing his own site structure. “They’ve done a great job of curating some really sensitive triggers that don’t lend themselves to pure crowdsourcing,” he said. Of course, many would rush to blame users for their grievances over injured kittens compared to the Marine Corps squad killed in an ambush, but Whipple said that criticism ignores that it’s not the violence itself, but the manifestation. cruel vector. “People are troubled by the abuse of innocents,” he said. “This is the same reason we have child-related triggers on our site.”

Certain categories spark debate among users – sometimes about whether animals actually die in the movie or their potential demise is just implied. Whipple never pored over the clips as if they were Zapruder shots, but wouldn’t be surprised if visitors did. “People are really enthusiastic,” he said, pointing to the obvious lightning rod in the Nordic pagan horror movie Midsommar

to, strangely, Avengers

Movie .

If all views are represented, does anyone suggest one Category like Will Sharks Die? cover Jaws

or Deep blue ocean ? “There may be some examples,” Whipple said. “But users come to the site to avoid getting emotional, so they might not focus on whether a category is 100% meaningful.” Especially since breaches are often meaningless by themselves.

Other Strictly Guided Series on Amazon Prime MediumReacher, the action-thriller’s plot takes a complete detour so its title hero, a massive, bone-crushing former MP with deadly hands, can avenge a neglected dog. I literally laughed when I saw big actor Alan Ritchson (we just saw him dispatch Latin American special forces for hire as a private thug) like this. At the time of writing, the scene received 6 “no” votes in the DtDD’s title category, 6 “yes” votes for “Are animals abused?” Leave no water.” Suffice to say that no category will eventually happen to said hole.

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Chris Norris Chris Norris is a writer, journalist, author and longtime companion of West Highland Terrier Gus, who recently left but was deeply loved. Chris Norris for The New Yorker, New York Magazine,

The New York Times Magazine ,

Rolling Stone,

GQ, Details,

and NPR’s “All Things Considered.” He lives in New York City with his wife and 8-year-old son.



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