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do it yourself! ! – Episode 8

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Do it yourself! ! ?

Community Rating: 4.2 this week , as the construction of the tree house draws closer, the daunting task finally begins to weigh on the girls of the DIY club body. Also, Purin often pouts. Apparently the anime knows what I’m here for.

Although the tone is still firm and relaxed, this is the most Seriously, the collection tackles a very central component of the DIY lifestyle: failure. Think about it; no one is born knowing how to drive a nail or use a circular saw. We all need to be taught this, and there is no better teacher than screwing things up. I’m sure even club veteran Kurei has a bunch of proverbial carpentry skeletons in his closet. So Serufu and Jobko’s angst here isn’t an anomaly, and while the girls do their best to soften the blow to Serufu’s confidence (with little success), I love that the show itself doesn’t shy away from describing the friction. Comfort is paramount, but so is a dedication to DIY.

In both cases, as in Like in real life, failure of these brushes doesn’t mean the end of anything. As for Serufu, Takumin gently suggested that her talents could be better applied to design and planning beyond jewelry. She is right! Seriously, pause the video and enjoy the entire illustration. Serufu shouldn’t be left unattended around any drills, but this girl’s imagination is the size of Jupiter and she can draw

. Naturally, her concept needed some fine-tuning before it could start to be considered viable by a group of teenagers, but that’s what the planning process was all about. This is the basic principle of brainstorming. You want all kinds of thoughts because you never know When or where that eureka moment will happen. Serufu did exactly what she was supposed to do and I would kill her creativity. She’s thinking about a future tree house.

At the end of Jobko, she suffers from a related But a very different problem with serious illness: volunteering for a task that ends up overwhelming you. It definitely fits her character. She’s a confident braggart because she’s a gifted child anyway, but even she has her limits, especially with the time crunch on top of everything. Although she was embarrassed to confess in front of the club, she humbly asked Purin for help. It’s satisfying to see their relationship deepen given their cohabitation history and previous moments of heart-to-heart. It’s nice to have a friend you can lean on; even better to have a friend who knows AutoCAD. Hope Purin is one step closer to finally joining the DIY

club serious. One day, she will reach the critical tsundere quality.

With both mistakes and triumphs, these accounts refute Serufu’s little kid laughs at herself in front of her mom when she lists all the other club members’ strengths. DIY is a big umbrella, so Serufu is sure to find her niche somewhere, whether it’s with her artistic talent or her drive. Even a round peg will end up in a square hole if you hit it hard. If you have enough bandages for your fingers.

Off topic, DIY

This week did not disappoint either. The montage in B-half is probably my personal highlight, mainly because it allows room for the breezy and whimsical soundtrack to shine. Rating of Ryōhei Sataka A fitting accompaniment throughout – never obtrusive and seamlessly connected to the mood of the anime. I also read about Kurei and Takumin in Sunflower Girls

. If Purin hadn’t reacted quickly enough, she and Serufu might not have been the first couple to have an in-club date. The apron is also very cute. The whole show is lovely. This is handmade and lovely.


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