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Do your best to confess the next chapter of the manga

doing-his-best-to-confess© Satoru, Kodansha, Kodansha USA Publishingdoing-his-best-to-confess March Issue of Kodansha Magazine announced on Monday Satoru


) The manga will end in the April issue of the magazine in March .

Kodansha USA Publishing Manga licensed and published on 10 Published digitally starting May 13. Company introduction story:

Xia Qiujun is cold and handsome, very popular with girls…except his friends know His indifference is because he is shy and always thinking about his own business. His thoughts are always occupied by his eccentric classmate Li Tian… But no matter how hard he tries, Xia Qiujun doesn’t seem to have the courage to confess. Could he find a way to tell her how he felt? !


published comics at doing-his-best-to-confess in May267. Kodansha

and pixiv ‘s Palcy comics website and app also publishes chapters of the comics for a limited time. Kodansha published the manga volume 4 in October 267. The fifth and final volume of the manga will be released in May . Source: March Issue 178008

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