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Dog Lover's Guide to New York

According to ASPCA, more than Millions of American households have added a furry companion to their family during the pandemic – and New York City is no exception. Morning or evening, rain or shine, the sidewalks are packed with dogs of all shapes and sizes. However, in a city as crowded and chaotic as New York, finding pet-friendly activities and dog supplies can seem daunting.

From luxurious pet boutiques to picturesque dog runs, these activities will provide the ideal for a fall afternoon with your four-legged buddies Way.

Black Lab Cafe, West of Upper

Image may contain Cafe and RestaurantImage may contain Cafe and Restaurant

by Black Lab Cafe

Image may contain Cafe and Restaurant

The Black Lab Cafe that opened this spring is the city The first “cordless” cafe. Separated by a glass divider, humans can enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while their dogs play freely. Located in Amsterdam and th St—replaces Luxurious Olma Restaurant and Bar, closed 350 – This vibrant destination will inspire pets and their owners joy. Order a pear salad and an almond croissant, then take a leisurely stroll to Central Park West or the River Run Playground.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Image may contain Cafe and Restaurant

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