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Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Game Reveals Opening Movie

Creative Factory International YouTube channel kicks off Thursday with opening movie trailer for Compile Heart and developer Sting ‘s Dokapon Kingdom Switch remake is called

Dokapon Kingdom : connect


dokapon©2008 STING/Creative Factory/Compilation Heart

The game will be available on Switch in Japan in April . It will launch in North America this spring.

The game will feature new online multiplayer and feature three standard classes: Warrior, Magician and Thief. The game will also offer six advanced classes: alchemist, priest, spell swordsman, monk, acrobat, and ninja.

Dokapon series is a hybrid RPG and board game. Players roll dice to move their characters the number of spaces on the board. Landing in the space triggers battles, events, mini-games, and encounters with other players whose player characters grow as they progress. Sting developed the first two games in the series,

Dokapon Kingdom and Dokapon Journey. Dokapon Kingdom is available on PlayStation 2, And

on the Wii. Atlus released the Wii version of the game in the West on . Dokapon Journey in

in Japan for Nintendo.

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