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Domingo Germán squirts with goo to join Yankees, Blue Jays drama

Doming Germany #0 of the New York Yankees walks towards the dugout during the second inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Center on May 16, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

In the latest installment of the Aaron Judge cheating soap opera, Yankees starter Domingo Germán was ejected after being inspected for foreign objects.

“What’s up with this game?” is something the casual Major League Baseball viewer would very much like to know.

Yankees pitcher Domingo Jay in the bottom of the fourth inning of Game 2 of New York Yankees – Toronto Blue Jays series Herman was about to hit the mound. Four judges swarmed over to check him for foreign objects, and lo and behold, they found something. All nine batters he faced were eliminated before home plate umpire James Hoyer kicked him out; Ian Hamilton came out of the bullpen to replace him.

With all goo catapults automatically suspended for 10 games, the Yankees’ pitch spin now hits the gut hard.

Domingo German just took the Aaron Judge situation, which is completely useless, and magnified it unnecessarily. This comes from a guy who’s already been inextricably linked to Foreign Objects, and his track record isn’t exactly the cleanest.

I mean, what is he doing? — Max Mannis (@MaxMannis) May 17, 2023

Yankees’ Domingo Germán gets ejected at worst possible time for goo

To make matters worse, in the midst of Aaron Judge’s alleged cheating scandal, Germain was ejected and the Blue Jays hinted that Judge was before the home run Looking for some illegal signal game 1.

Of all the games where Germán could use that goo, he chose this? Plus, it’s the same panel of referees who checked Germán’s hand at Yankee Stadium in mid-April. For that race, Germán was asked to remove the rosin but was allowed to stay in the game (not excessively sticky).

Germán’s undeniable cheating and poor timing painted red paint on the Yankees’ claimed nobility in the Judges affair, while His eviction will only fuel the Blue Jays for the rest of the series.

Before Germán was ejected, the Yankees and Blue Jays coaches fought a battle over the correct positioning of the dugout Shout out, and before that, Blue Jays fans booed up to the plate when Aaron Judge stepped in.

The game is currently tied 3-3 and is in the bottom of the sixth inning. Get ready for series excitement.



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