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Dominique Crenn Creates On-Screen Haute Cuisine for 'The Menu'

They are not item discs. They’ve been curated at the level of a three-Michelin-starred restaurant,” explains chef Dominique Crane, on Searchlight Pictures’ new dark comedy menu Food served on screen in *).

The famed chef behind San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn received it when the production team looked for a consultant To the script of the Mark Mylod movie that helped them nail down the idea for the Hawthorn, a remote fine dining restaurant in the movie where guests pay $1, 78 First.

Crenn, America’s only female chef with three Michelin stars, helps filmmakers True to the dishes described in the script, while also tweaking them to be accurate for the setting of the story on an island in the Pacific Northwest. She fills the screen with complex foams and gels and some tongue-in-cheek entrees such as Breadless bread pans and a dish called “Scallops on a Boulder” from the movie.

Crenn had to deal with the continuity of the film’s sets – she sometimes had to be precise It takes five or more takes to recreate a dish as often as possible. But maintaining the quality of the food is a top priority. Crenn explains, “Each dish is made in such a way that the actors can feel and eat with emotion. This meant that stars including Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and John Leguizamo were involved in some exceptionally high-end craft services during filming in Savannah, Georgia.

Ralph Fiennes (middle) Scene from “The Menu” Courtesy Eric Zachanowich / th Century Pictures

Crenn at The Works on Menu, released in theaters November , extended beyond the nominal fare. (For more information on the film, see page 20) The chef, who is engaged to actress and producer Maria Bello, helps train talent to understand The ins and outs of working in a fine dining setting, from how to move around the kitchen to using cutlery properly.Star Ralph Fiennes plays the film’s resident chef, a hard-to-please and entitled foodie ( (including restaurant critics) pushed to breaking point—Crenn would have long conversations about the psychology of his characters. “You have a symphony in front of you, and you’re the director,” she remembers telling the actors. “I said it made It’s exhausting because you’re creating this work of art and you’re at the mercy of people who walk into your restaurant, not knowing that it could completely disappoint you. ” Ralph Fiennes (center) in a scene from The Menu

A foamy creation by chef Dominique Crenn for the movie

Chef Dominic Crane’s foam for the movie
Provided by theth Century Studios

A foamy creation by chef Dominique Crenn for the movie

Even though this is a work of fiction , a satire on food culture, Crenn also sees The Menu as another way to have a candid conversation about stress in the hospitality industry and the mental health of restaurant workers, especially as the industry hits hard After the pandemic.

Crenn — whose next venture is a plant-based taco concept in Las Vegas, she will be at 2021 – called the movie experience “the most creative thing I’ve ever done. ’ She said she enjoyed working with the writer, costume supervisor, production designer Ethan Tobman and the lighting team. “It’s not just a movie. It’s like opening a restaurant,” Crenn said, adding that, like a movie, “food is art. You can flip a burger and I call it art because of the action, the work in it, and the purpose behind it. “

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