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Donald Glover jokes about Chevy Chase using the N-Word

Donald Glover rarely appears in the Written Guild Awards in New York on Sunday night Paul Sims honorable mention, kidding CommunityCo-starChevy ChaseUsing the n-word.

Atlanta writer and actor for his upcoming series Swarm hits Amazon’s Prime Video later this month and recalls how Sims won awards before Saturday Night Live named after screenwriter Herb Sargent, who came up with Chevrolet Chase – and hosts “Weekend Update.”

“Chevy Chase once called Herb one of the funniest writers in TV,” Glover said at WGA Said award on stage. “Chevy Chase used to call me. You know what? It’s about Paul.”

Later, when Glover recalled making When Girls

met Simms, he was more explicit about what happened to Chase. Eight hours of sex scenes, they cut it down to two minutes. I never saw any of the footage that was left,” Glover recalls. “I asked Lena [Dunham], ‘Hey, what made you decide to work with Paul [Sims, executive producer of the hit HBO show] people] cooperation? ’ She said, “Honestly, this n- lets me do whatever I want.” I remember thinking two things. First, Lena uses the n-word extremely freely. Who did she think she was, Chevy Chase? Number two, that’s the kind of producer I want. ”

Glover’s comments about Dunham were likely in jest, but his sarcasm about Chase seems more in line with Chase’s behavior.

In 2012, a source told The Hollywood Reporter Chase to his community colleagues for use on set The n-word for expressing frustration with his character. He reportedly used the slur in conversations with Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown, but sources told THR The defamation was not directed at them.

In a 48 interview with The New Yorker, Chase will reportedly try to disrupt Glover’s set and “on camera create racial rifts. ”

Donald off,” Community Creator Dan Harmon is in the New Yorker piece.

“I remember apologizing to Donald for the Chevrolet non-PC crap after a particularly tough night and Donald saying, ‘I don’t know Don’t worry about it.’”

“I just see Chevrolet as battle time — the real artist has to accept his reign is over,” Glover said of Chase said. “If he’s struggling in the water, I can’t help him. But I know there’s a human being out there—he’s so human.” Chase told the magazine, “It hurts me to hear Donald see me that way.”

At the Writers Guild Awards, Glover praised Sims’ “calm, Zen” management style, comparing it to that of former NBA coach Phil Jackson Compare.

“He was never intimidated by the script,” Glover said of Sims. “He never tried to impose his version of the show on us. He wanted what we wanted. Whenever he told us a joke, it was going to be one of the funniest jokes of the season. He always reminded us that it was just A show. If you live your life, you have nothing to write about.”

After mocking Sims for stealing a “black talent” , who works with Atlanta , Stefani Robinson, and What We Do in the Shadows , Glover joked that the show is “about something Paul knows all too well: sucking the lives of young people to survive.”

Turning serious, he added, “I love Paul. He’s really like a comedy dad. He never pushes me to do anything with the show. He’s always there to listen, just be around, He’ll just make things better.”

In his acceptance speech, Sims sheds light on working with Glover in ATLANTA

. Specifically, he said he received a call from an FX executive about a scene involving Mickey Mouse in the script for Atlanta. Sims said he called Glover, who told him, “We just put it out there to mess with them. It doesn’t have to be Mickey Mouse. It could be Donald Duck.”

Sims also had the Shadows team write some of his speeches, read what they wrote – when They put it in a sealed envelope when Simms is out of the office.

Simms predicts it will “go well” but only a few words into the first entry is “My dear Bess” and then Only then did he realize what he had gotten himself into and muttered “Jesus” to himself.

“You are my cozy bunny and my sweet little sidekick,” Sims read on. “My whole body goes numb when we kiss. Your femininity…you make me want to boogie.”

Other memorable quotes from the Shadows team include: “Herb Sargent, more like Herb suck it. Paul Sims bows to no one.” “Hail Caesar, don’t eat the croutons”, “Now that I’m a grown man, please gather in the center of the room and lift me up on a high chair” and “My work is ultimately a meditation on grief.”

Sims told THR on the red carpet ahead of the WGA Awards, “This award really means something because people who have won it before are people I admire.”

He seemed particularly moved by Glover give it to him.

Atlanta was one of the best shows I’ve ever been a part of and a great experience, so it really touched me that he flew all the way from Los Angeles to present the award,” Sims said.

10:05afternoon This story has been updated to clarify Glover’s comments about Chase.



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