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Don’t Call It Mystery Live-Action Series Gets ‘Reboot’ of 1st Episode

Fuji TV revealed on Friday that the live-action series of Yumi Tamura‘s () manga will have a new special “reboot” version of the series’ first episode that will include new footage and a new story. The special, which celebrates the upcoming opening of the franchise‘s live-action film, will premiere on Fuji TV on September 9.


The new special will show the first episode, but will also feature new footage showing a new perspective on the story, and will include the story of how Totonō and Ren met. The special will also include the “Time Capsule” story from the manga’s 11th volume. The special will once again star Masaki Suda as protagonist Totonō Kunō, and will also star Sairi Itō, Onoe Matsuya, Kōsuke Suzuki, Michitaka Tsutsui, and Kenichi Endō.

The live-action series adaptation of the manga premiered on Fuji TV in January 2022.

The film will open on September 15, and will center on the manga’s “Hiroshima Arc,” which appears in the manga’s second to fourth volumes.

Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga, and published the first 2-in-1 omnibus volume on May 30. Seven Seas describes the manga:

Totonou is a young college student who stands out—both for his bushy hairdo and his finely-honed abilities of observation and deduction. When Totonou is accused of murder, he puts his skills to work and uses his exceptional insights to find the real killer. Later, all Totonou wants to do is return to his own little world, but he can’t avoid getting caught up in one mystery after another. In his own blunt yet gentle way, Totonou is a truth seeker who tries to make sense of a chaotic—and often dangerous—world.

Tamura published a one-shot for the manga in in November 2016, before launching a full serialization of the manga in the magazine a year later in November 2017. Kodansha awarded the manga in its 44th annual Manga Awards in April 2020. The manga was also nominated for the 13th Manga Taisho Awards in January 2020.

Sources: Fuji TV, Comic Natalie



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