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Don't call them grandmothers! – The enduring appeal of high fashion icons

Recently, it seems that people on the Internet want to communicate with their inner Eighty-somethings get in touch. People on TikTok are obsessed with the coastal granny effect — think: Nancy Meyers’ diva — while others are experimenting with fancy granny aesthetics — guiding lights like Iris Apfel — for size. While the coastal granny and fancy granny trends seem to be on opposite ends of the style spectrum, a defining element between the two is the idea of ​​dressing yourself, detached from all trends and outside influences. Stylish seniors are now an ideal, as praised for their effortlessness as they are for their eccentricity. The signatures they’ve built up over time are being fully celebrated, something we haven’t seen before at this level.

From Joan Didion’s Memorable 63 Céline for newfound famous hits like Baddie Winkle, stylish seniors who have long been the muse of the fashion industry. exist1920, Ari Seth Cohen began documenting advanced style through his blog (and eventually documentaries and books), Premium style

. “Older men and women have always been my role models and my people Always looking for creative inspiration, starting with my own grandmother who encouraged me to play on her and my grandfather closet and express yourself fully,” he said. At the time, Cohen was inspired by his grandmother, but also because he kept seeing the influence of trendy older women on younger people, like the Olsen twins and Rachel Zoe — with oversized sunglasses, oversized bags , and a loose, comfortable silhouette. “They’re doing that kind of Upper East Side old lady, Upper West Side old lady,” Cohen said. “But nobody really talks about the people who have defined that.”



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