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'Don't Worry, Darling' Venice Premiere Is a Psychological Thriller in Its Own

the University Teachers’ don’t worry, dear won’t be in theaters for a few weeks, but the film’s off-screen drama dominated the Venice Film Festival over the weekend. From director Olivia Wilde and Don’t Worry Dear star Florence Pugh The so-called feud, to a sweet kiss — but not what you would think between the couple — was in the screening and about Harry Styles’s love for his co-star Chris Pine. Chris Pine spit on the insane conspiracy, the film’s press conference and premiere were filled with plot twists of their own. (Not to mention the multiple controversies surrounding the film, including between Wilde and formerDWD star Shia LaBeouf over whether or not Has he been fired.) Here, a study guide on the events of the last few days.

First of all, Pugh is noticeably absent Don’t worry dear Press call.

Official,Don’t Worry Darling star who plays a perfect

housewife who missed the Q&A session with international media due to filming Dune: Part II but her absence only fueled rumors of a feud with Wilde, reportedly due to Pugh’s frustration with Wilde and Styles’ romance on set; the super-sexy nature of the trailer (which Styles’ Jack on Pugh’s Alice); and a video LaBeouf posted to Variety in which Wilde tries to stop LaBeouf from leaving the film, He said his imminent departure “could be a wake-up call for Miss Flo.”

Wilde, the reporter’s daughter, deftly handles the inevitable questions about Pugh’s absence, offering Pugh a pure compliment she calls “strength.” I can’t say how honored I am to have her as our leader,” Wilde said. “As for all the endless tabloid gossip and noise, the internet feeds itself. I don’t see the need to contribute. I think it’s well nourished.” The ensuing question about LaBeouf was quickly shut down by the moderator.

However, tensions continued when Pugh later entered Venice wearing a head-to-toe violet Valentino.

Pugh arrives in Venice…like Don’t Worry Darling

as the cast prepares for a press conference.

Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Chris Pine’s soul seems to leave his body.

Hollywood Favorite Chris — Wearing New Brad Pitt-esque Blonde Bob — Provides Much-Needed Flirty Pass Staring into space and being totally detached while doing news, especially when Stiles explains don’t worry dear the appeal is that it is A movie “feels like a movie.” Both of these things could be true: I know what Styles means (thatDWD makes him think it’s a real movie event!) But Pine’s facial expressions — or lack thereof — are gold.

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