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'Doom Patrol' Season 4 Trailer Teases 'Musician' Number and Fight With Were-Butts

HBO Max Announces Premiere Date for Season 4 of Superheroes Misfits Series Doom Patrol ) and a trailer at New York Comic-Con where several actors preview what their characters will be in store.

Fans can look forward to the DC series returning on December 8, with a trailer encouraging viewers to “stick to your ass,” with the mysterious (and vicious) debut) being called Creatures for the “ass”. In just over a minute of watching the new season, these toothy-ass monsters sing the hilariously classic musical man while being kicked by Cliff Steel, also known as the Robot Man (voiced by Brendan Fraser, by Cliff Steel, at another point) Matthew Zuk actually depicts) ).

The creatures were conceived by a shady agency – possibly the Bureau of Normalcy – “as a weaponized force of nature”, and the Doom Patrol was forced to join forces deal with them.

The season itself will see the team travel to the future, where they discover an unwelcome surprise and face In the face of demise, it must be decided once and for all whether happiness or the fate of the world is more important.

In a Sunday panel discussion, actors Fraser, Joywan Wade (Vic Stone/Cyborg), April Bowlby (Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl) and Michelle Gomez (Laura De Mille/Madame Rouge), the actors talk about the future of their characters, the actors tease their heroes this season for their chance to really find themselves, and — in the case of Bowlby’s For Farr – finally put on the hero suit.

“I absolutely love it,” the actress said of wearing the Elasti-Girl outfit in the trailer. “It’s the best thing ever because I’ve wanted a proper superhero costume since season one and I’m so scared it’s never going to happen.”

Both Bowlby and Fraser called costume designer Carrie Grace “incredible” and “very talented,” before the actress behind Rita Farr added, “I have no problem with what I got. She just Create it. And every time it fits like a glove, it’s perfect for Rita.”

As for Rita’s journey this year, Bowlby points out her The character was “very excited to be the leader” but initially “alienated her Doom Patrol because she wanted to be perfect.”

“In the beginning, I thought she was a bit Posturing, even if she didn’t know it, by the end of the season I felt like she was really down to earth and a real leader for everyone else, kind of becoming who she wanted to be,” she continued. This season will see Vic “really trying to find his superheroism without superpowers,” thus giving viewers a chance to connect with him about “what it means to be black in Detroit.” While stepping back from all the “light” and “glory” he’s used to as a cyborg, it means Vic will have to find a new way to help his Doom Patrol members.

“How do you help a superhero team when you’re not a superhero?” Wade asked. “He also got to a place where he realized that the superhero inside him was not about superpowers, it was about mentality … mentality was what made him a superhero, he wanted to protect, he wanted to serve or he wanted to do whatever he could. Go and still risk your life – still risk your life – without all this cybernetics.”

When it came to Robotman, Fraser shared how he was How much appreciated this show about inappropriate stories, “an unconventional family, like it or not, they need each other like they don’t want to admit it.” As for his season four journey, the actor put his Described as a continuation of Cliff’s efforts to make up for the hardships of his early and human life.

“As I’ve always seen, his quest to make Cliff a better human being than he is as a robot is poetic to me,” Fraser said. “I think we’ll see in season four that he does get a chance to reconcile with his daughter and grandson.”

As for Gomez’s Red Lady, she’s the same as Rita On both sides of the coin, Laura was “infected by Rita’s kindness”.

“Like anyone we love, we want to be the best version of ourselves, but for that person,” she added. “We’re all trying to be our best. But some days you don’t want that.”



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