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DoorDash is now delivering purchases from Facebook Marketplace

In the near future, you may not have to buy at your local Facebook Marketplace. Meta has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that DoorDash is now handling Facebook Marketplace deliveries as part of an “early” partnership. Wall Street Journal sources say couriers will deliver orders small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, and from sellers 15 miles away, and should be delivered within 48 hours Their delivery.

The feature is currently free to attract customers, one tipster said. It’s unclear how Facebook and DoorDash will charge customers later. The companies have been testing the product in several U.S. cities in recent months.

According to reports, the reason for the cooperation is simple. Meta has learned that Marketplace is one of the few Facebook features young people use when they don’t make the jump to TikTok, the source said. DoorDash could help spur demand, especially among younger users.

For DoorDash, the alliance can help reduce its reliance on restaurant orders. The company, which has been delivering groceries and convenience store essentials for years, launched Nationwide Shipping in November. That would give DoorDash a more stable revenue stream and could help it compete with Uber Eats’ national delivery service.

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