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Doraemon 2023 movie reveals guest actors Ryota Yamazato and Miki Fujimoto

( English), the 42 Second film in the franchise , two guest actors were announced on Friday.

Cameos include:

Nankai Candy Duo Team comedian

Ryōta Yamasato as delivery boy for a future department store

Actress and performer
Miki Fujimoto is a teacher at Paradapian School

    • The film will be released in Japan on March 3rd.

      The film will be set in a perfect utopian sky world where everyone lives happily. Adventurers equate this land with other mythical cities such as Atlantis or Dragon Palace. Doraemon and Nobita embark on an adventure to find utopia with the help of a brand new device in the movie – a time-warping Zeppelin.

      New cast and characters for the film include:

    • Ren Nagase as Sonya, “The Perfect Cat Robot”

    Marina Inoue as Marimba, an adventurer looking for the secrets of a utopian paradise

  • Inori Minase as Hanna, a student at Paradapian School , and finally became the guide of Nobita and others
  • Takumi Doyama

(, episode) is directing the movie.

Ryota Ozawa
(, ) is writing a screenplay – his first screenplay. The current cast of the TV cartoon is reprising their roles in the film. Ren Nagase of the idol group King&Prince will make her debut in this movie as the voice actress of “Perfect Cat Robot” Sonia.

Girl group NiziU will Sing the theme song “Paradise”.

, Thisfranchise of 42 First anime movie, released in Japan in March 450 After a one-year delay due to COVID-. It hit #1 on opening weekend and sold 350, Tickets 81 million yen (approximately $3.19 million) for three days. This movie is 1985 Movie of the same name.

193610 Source: Movie Website, Comic Natalie


1985 2022



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