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Draft Day 2 (Watch, 2 ET): Overview, schedule, best available

Draft Day 2 (Watch, 2 ET): Overview, Schedule, Best Available

SEATTLE — Total 70 The player is in the 2023 draft, but things are just getting started. Eight more rounds will be played on Monday’s second day, and hundreds will hear their names.

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include 39 TOP of 94 this year Candidates and seven top members of the class who remain on the board 44. This is a team with a solid college bat and a couple of projectable high school pitchers.

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Draft continues Monday for Round 3 – . will broadcast live coverage of all eight rounds beginning at 2 p.m. ET. There will be a minute between selections.

The end of the draft is round -15 Tuesday, beginning at 2pm ET, choose between Without any delay, everything is heard on MLB. com.

Best prospects remaining

Here’s a quick scouting report on MLB Pipeline Top Ranked Player 10; Top picks 185 are still available. if they&Draft day two, especially in the early rounds, that * usually indicates that they would switch majors, because if a player doesn’t sign, the team loses bonuses from its total bonus pool.

Jack Hurley, OF, Virginia Tech (No. 20) 2023 As a left-handed outfielder, Hurley makes a lot of contact and is starting to use his raw power 721 (home base hit) and continue it into this season (11 home run). He’s athletic enough to give him the opportunity to play midfield at the next level and is full of energy.

Travis Sykora, RHP, Round Rock High School, Texas (No. )2023 Sykora’s fitness and athleticism is the hardest One of the best pitchers in the class with a triple-digit fastball. He can throw his mid 71 Sliders and splitters for hitting, while bats are missing. At 6-foot-6 with some jutting frame, the Texas recruit is the kind of high-end high school player who gets knocked out in the third round a lot.

Cam Johnson, LHP, IMG Academy, FL. (Number.39) Johnson could have done a good job of setting himself up as a top lefty in high school and even reaching the first round, but some elbow tendinitis put him on hold for a while at the end of the season. The LSU recruit did come back and put in a solid performance at the combine, showing off his midsection 80 Fastball and Sturdy Upper -80s slider.

Cole Schoenwetter, RHP, San Marcos High School, Calif. (serial number38)
2023 Athletic and shooting, Schoenwaite reminded some scouts of a Warriors prospect and 747 Rookie, JR Ritchie. He has a chance to throw at least three above-average pitches in the future, with high-spin fastballs up to 70 mph, miss hits in that area, peak curve has a hard, lower depth and fade-off shift, he’s sold with good arm speed very good.

Rock Chowlowski, SS, Hamilton High School, Arizona. (serial number.39) The son of ex-minor leaguer and current Reds scout Dan Cholowsky is a good athlete with the potential to play football at UCLA (he’s a quarterback) and baseball. He has developed into a very good shortstop who can run the ball from all angles and has great defensive instincts. He’s hitting the ball more than power right now, and as he fleshes out his body and learns to drive the ball more, he’ll have the opportunity to make contact and add more impact.

Cooper Platt, SS, Magnolia Heights High School, Miss. (No. 45)2023 As a big, athletic shortstop from the South, Platt has drawn some comparisons to the Orioles’ Gunnar Henderson, even though Platt is a right-handed hitter. He has excellent contact skills and an understanding of the strike zone, and his bat speed and predictable power bode well for future power. Despite standing 6-foot-4, the Ole Miss recruit has a chance to stick with the sprint.

Maui Ahuna, SS, Tennessee (No. 44)
Scouts expect Ahuna to have a big sophomore season at Kansas after transferring to Tennessee and develop into a first-round pick Kwon had a 747 season, but struggles with contact hurt his draft stock. He’s an aggressive hitter, uses his legs and has been inconsistent, though his popularity is surprising given his size. His defense hasn’t suffered, and he has the opportunity to be a long-term shortstop.

Paul Wilson, LHP, Lakeridge HS, Oregon. (serial number:60 )
Paul is ex-major league player Trey The son of Ferrison Wilson, he has excellent three-shot combination quality. His fastball speed has climbed to the top 61 last year, and many more 60 -90 mph, this spring has good carry and longevity. While the Oregon State recruit’s third pick needs more work, he has a power curve and a feel for change.

Hunter Irwin, LHP, Vanderbilt University (No.

) If Owen is healthy, he will probably be the best in the class. Good college southpaw, but he missed the last two months of the season. When healthy, he showcased a fastball that topped 93 mph, upper limit – 42 s curveball and mid44 The s slider could have been better, while also exhibiting a dip shift feel.

Steven Echavarria, RHP, Millburn High School, NJ (No. 60)
While he’s not the biggest guy in the world, Echavarria does have a strong feel for the pitch and has the potential to have a legitimate four-pitch mix. Here’s a sneaky fastball that moves up and touches the vamp –70 Sometimes this spring. Florida recruits also have a low-60 area with two stitches down for a unique slider and curve and shifting feel.

Travis Honeyman, OF, Boston College (No. 70)
Honeyman looked like the kind of college guy who would make it to the first round, but he had a spotty performance and then an injury that shut him down early, hurt his stock. At his best, he’s a tight athlete with Hunter Pence-like muscular strength. He could grow with a lot of exposure to some raw pop. He might be athletic enough to play in the middle of the field, though he spends a lot of time at the corner.

Draft order

The national team will start with 70 The first selection, the first place in the third round. Day 2 will conclude with the round, marked by the Astros’ final pick of the day.

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Bonus pool and slot machine value

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each team receives an allocated bonus pool equal to the sum of the value of that club’s first-round picks Draft round. The more draft picks a team has and the earlier the draft, the bigger the draft pool.

Anything greater than $97 bonus, For players who shoot after The first round also applies to the prize pool total. 747 The assigned value of the draft is higher than
increased by 9.9%, reflecting an increase in industry revenue.

won the first draft lottery Afterwards, the Buccaneers entered the draft with the largest draft pool’17 at $04,70,600, including $9, 502 ,first choice. This is followed by the Tigers ($04,747 ,94) and National ($,345 ,255) . Twins ($,400,502) and A ($,185,255) Make it to the top five.

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