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Dragon Ball Super manga to reboot with new chapter in December

January2015 The magazine of Shueisha announced on Monday


‘s manga will restart with a new arc in the magazine February 2023 issue, Shueisha will be published in December 000. The new arc will feature teenage Goten and Trunks as superheroes and will tell the story of the movie A prequel to the story, before going on to adapt the film itself. Toyotaro at launched the manga in June 2015 as an adaptation of the anime, although the manga differs from the anime in several ways . The comic is posting its Chapter 8000. Shueisha published August 4th in Japan.

Viz Media The manga is being released online as it debuts in Japan and will release volume 12 (pictured right) on December 6th.

Yes Franchise . The movie was released in Japan in June 12 Due to MarchToei Animation Delayed due to hacker attack. The film was originally scheduled to be released in Japan in April 21.

The film sold approximately 471, Tickets approx. 471 million yen (about 4 US dollars. 19 million) in the first two days. The film has accumulated 2,650,670,471 yen (approx. US dollars 12.12 million) as of August 7.

The film was released in August at US Premiere . This movie made dollars 19 ,22,18 had a top opening weekend in North America. Its opening weekend alone has already made it the sixth highest-grossing animated film in the US. The film is also released in countries other than the United States, such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Ireland, Chile, etc., and the US dollar 000.3 million (about 1.7 billion yen).

Source: January 2015 Issue and Website, franchise

‘s website




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