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'Dragon House': Aegon cast reacts to those Joffrey comparisons after episode 9

Actor Tom Green-Carney interviews after Aegon’s big twist in Episode IX and shares his experience from Game of Thrones veterans Kit Harington and Alfie Helpful advice from Alan.

House of the Dragon Aegon Actor Responds to Those Joffrey Comparisons

[This story contains Spoiler for Dragon House, Episode IX. ]

Westeros has a new king: “House of the Dragon” Episode IX witnesses Aegon II Tan Coronation of Gorlian, the reprehensible eldest son of Alice Hightower and the late Viserys Targaryen. As actor Tom Green-Carney ( Dunkirk ), the character seems like a perfect storm of non-king qualities: Aegon is a selfish addict and rapist with zero interest in leading the Seven Kingdoms.

This is a character that reminds some people Dragon

Another villain tyrant fan: Game of Thrones ‘ Joffrey Baratheon. This comparison actually happens behind the scenes as well. Shortly after Glyn-Carney was cast in the role, the actor discussed Joffrey (not with the other in dragon Young Joffrey)) with showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik.

“Ryan and Miguel said if we could work with [ power characters], he’s the closest thing to Joffrey,” Green-Carney said. “However, he is not a complete psychopath. He is much more complex. His decisions are driven by insecurities, confusion and anger. He is just extremely confused and mentally unwell.”

Compared to Aegon’s indifference, Joffrey is clearly power-hungry, addicted to murder and sadism – a seemingly bad seed from the start.

“Like Aegon and how he breaks any kind of rules and discipline, he’s a nightmare, he’s very defenseless,” Glynn-Carney said. “He was so dependent on alcohol that he was a chaotic, tangled mess of someone who didn’t know himself. He couldn’t make decisions that would help him. He had depended on those around him throughout his life to make sure he Did the right thing. But he made bad decisions, and now those decisions will be made on a massive scale.”

“He grew up with the idea of ​​not wanting power. Grow up,” the actor added. “And his dad didn’t want him to have it. So there’s this resentment too. He’s a very selfish person because he wants to run away. I think if he was a modern man, he would leave his family and travel to Australia, Grow some dreadlocks. Anyway, by Prince Targaryen standards) is a deliberate move to show his outsider status.

“That’s a MiG I didn’t want him to have long, sweet Targaryen locks because he hated that. ‘ It’s like [his character’s brother] Aemond is totally intoxicated. And Aegon just threw it away. He was like, “Take it off!” He didn’t want to be defined by his family. He hates his family because – in his mind – they hate him. “

Glyn-Carney does have one concern about the character: the adult version of Aegon was introduced after he raped a maid (director Geeta Patel

Scenarios discussed in THR Interview last week ).

“It’s a harsh introduction for any character,” he said. “There are questions about whether his heart is in the right place, whether he’s a psychopath, or whether he’s just confused. It’s tricky because, as an actor, you want the audience to be around you at least a little bit. But when I go from there, how will I get the audience to connect with me — at least a little bit — as the story progresses? ”

Before starting production, Green-Carney also got two powers

Some advice Veterans: Alfie Allen and Kit Harington.

“I talked to Kit, very briefly,” he “He talks about how the world itself is huge, and remembering that you’re just a cog in a huge machine – it’s reassuring to think about it. It’s a fact, you know? You are nothing without a machine. I just finished working with Alfie Allen [SAS: Rogue Heroes] I asked him about him in [Thrones the process of]. He had a great time. He said he really enjoyed working with all the actors and creatives. Alfie said to enjoy it, have a good laugh, and use the time to play it. This character, in particular, has a lot to play with and is a bit naughty. ”

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House of the Dragon Aegon Actor Responds to Those Joffrey Comparisons



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