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'Dragon House' becomes Sky's biggest U.S. show in the UK, beating 'Game of Thrones'

The first episode of Dragon House brings Comcast’s pay-TV giant Sky Record ratings UK

In The Hollywood Reporter saw numbers, 1. 39 Millions watch HBO Big Budget Game of Thrones prequel opening, set 000 a few years earlier than the previous series. 394, attributed to the 9pm prime-time linear broadcast, also close to 100 10,000 stay up late at 2am local time (when it first hits the platform), or download and watch later in the day.

These ratings make House of the Dragon the largest TV series to launch on Sky’s premium Sky Atlantic channel, surpassing “Game of Thrones” , and Sky’s biggest US series premiere ever. However, once the final aggregate figures for the first episode are taken into account in 10 days, viewership numbers are expected to increase significantly.

“Last 24 hours of viewing Dragon House Sky and ​​NOW are as legendary as the show itself,” said Zai Bennett, Sky’s managing director of content. “The response has been phenomenal – we believe that once all the on-demand data is combined, we will have the full picture of what to watch.”

In the US, Longzhi House has broken HBO records, drew nearly 394 millions of viewers across all platforms, And became the biggest series premiere in HBO history .



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