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'Dragon House' Scribe Renews with HBO

Sara Hess is cementing her future on HBO.

Dragon House executive producer and writer signed a new, two-year overall deal with the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed cable network.

According to the agreement, Hess will also continue to play the role of Dragon in the upcoming second season The character continues to develop new items for the premium store.

“We are delighted that Sara has entered into an exclusive partnership with HBO. She is an extraordinary talent, writing with great depth and complexity, while also serving as a source for her The work brings humor and wit,” said Francesca Orsi, HBO’s executive vice president and showrunner. “We are very grateful for her contribution to Dragon House as a writer and executive producer, as she is a key component of the show Part. The success of the show. She will continue her role in the second season of House of the Dragon while continuing to develop her own projects on HBO.”

Hess first got her roots on HBO in while she was preparing another Game of Thrones prequel, from the Jane Goldman pilot from franchise creator George RR Martin. Hess exec’s Naomi Watts, starring “Age of Heroes,” unexpectedly crossed over . She goes from Game of Thrones prequel to Dragon House, was picked up on the same day the pilot was fired .

Hess begins her career on HBO Deadwood and Fox House for seven years*) in her credits. She’s an NAACP-winning writer and Emmy-nominated producer who also worked on Orange Is the New Black. She was represented by Verve and attorney Lev Ginsburg.



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