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'Dragon House' Star Emily Kelly on Whether Young Actor Will Return for Season 2

The actress talks about her character’s due diligence with King Viserys (Paddy Considine).

House of the Dragon

The Dragon House

Dragon House1235217556 star Emily Carey in Game of Thrones prequel series in which the tricky character navigating “Hand of the Demon King” The king’s teenage daughter is manipulated into w lovin’ the king himself – one at least more than her Men who are twice (maybe three times) bigger.

This19 year old actress said one of her biggest challenges was making HBO fantasy work echoes her character’s greatest emotional difficulty in the story’s opening – with Viserys Targaryen (played by Paddy Considine ( Paddy Considine) for a romantic relationship, he is 12, although his character looks much older as the season progresses). Since Kelly was raised by a single mother, she also had to carve out new emotional realms to get along with Allison His father, Sir Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), makes a connection.

“As an actor, personally, with complete transparency, I struggle with Alice’s relationship with her father and Viserys,” Kelly said. “I don’t have an equivalent in real life. I don’t have a dad. And I’ve never had a romantic interest—especially with an older man. So the journey of navigating these relationships and these personal relationships is very empowering Challenging. As actors, we bring a lot of ourselves to the people we play. I want it to be as grounded and true as possible. But especially when it’s put into a world and dialect that you don’t normally speak, you It can feel so far removed from the character. Of course, none of this is real, and as actors, we like to step out of our comfort zone. I love it. It’s been a lot of fun trying to navigate these relationships.

Nonetheless, Kelly emphasized, “For the most part, I’ve had the best experience, and I’m not going to change anything.”

Kelly further noted Weekly newspaper The show’s intimacy scenes “scared” her, but using an intimacy coordinator on set made her feel comfortable. “Still 03 [cast ] , the first scene I read from the show was my sex scene and my intimacy scene, which included the scene where I was bathing the king… Huge help. Yeah, it’s more than I thought It’s much easier.”

The British actress has been working since she was 8 years old, playing a young Diana Prince in

(again Wonder Woman) DC Movies Wonder Woman , then played young Laura Croft in House of the Dragon tomb Raider to restart. “I seem to have created a niche for myself playing the ‘young version,'” she quipped. “Obviously, I look like a lot of people — or I’m just easy to model.” She also starred in 2020 Fantasy Movie Anastasia: Once Upon a Time .

Carey is physically similar to Olivia Cooke – the latter in Dragon took over the role of Alice Hightower midway through its first season — pretty incredible in the series. Kelly was repeatedly told she looked a bit like Ready Player One actress is landing dragon before characters, when Cook made his screen debut later in the season, the two looked so similar that it actually took some time to realize the cast had changed.

“But the main thing is, looking at her work, our acting styles are actually pretty similar, which I think [showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik] have mastered,” Carey Say. “The main thing they were looking for was that we could make the same choices and play the same characters. But it was definitely daunting because I admired Olivia as an actor and as a person, so I’m excited to be part of it Among them.”

Like her co-star Millie Alcock

Playing as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen , Kelly was surprised and excited to see how many Screen TimeDragon takes over after other cast members Been working on Alice and Rhaenyra before. “I think Miguel and Ryan show how these women are fans of [author George RR Martin’s book Fire & Blood ] know,” she said. “You need to know a lot about how Millie and I interact to really find that journey. You also see how they relate to the people around them and the world, and it all helps to understand how they become what people love – or hate – Women depending on your personal opinion.”

Especially Allison, a character who ends up being seen as a Cersei Lannister-like villain by readers of this book. Kelly hopes her younger Allison will help humanize the character.

Top Six Dragon Episodes shown to critics Press The chronology moves relentlessly – there are plenty of time jumps throughout – and given the popularity of Alcock and Kelly’s take on Rhaenyra and Allison, one can’t help but wonder if they’ll somehow Appears again in season 2.

“It’s been talked about, conversations have happened, but honestly, I don’t know anything about it and I don’t know,” Carey said. “Of course I’d love to come back. It depends on how it’s received and where they want to play next. I’m just going with the flow!”

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