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Dragon Quest Heroes producer Ryota Aomi leaves Square Enix

Dragon Quest Heroes Producer Ryo Qinghai Tai announced on Twitter on Friday that he has resigned from Square Enix.

All 様 ニ, private matter ニ テ ご report desu. この度スクウェア・エニックスをresignation いたしました. Sudden のご report となったことをお warning びいたし)み.
スクエニテの13 years, ドラクエドの约 years. ユーザーの暆様, 暆様 of the relationship person, スクエニのみんナ, this issue ニありガとございました! pic.Yadwitter.twitter — Ryota Aokai / Ryota Aomi (@aomix) February , 13

Aomi has partnered with Square Enix

cooperation years, And committed to the Dragon Quest
franchise 16 year. Qinghai thanked the players, staff and Square Enix and said he would start a “new adventure” with a new company “. Qinghai said he plans to inform fans of his new job at a later date.

At Square Enix

prior to working, Aomi worked as a game designer for games such as Colosseum and Trozei! and the like. He also participated in the 2007 game Dragon Quest Sword: The Masked Queen and the Tower joined Square Enix before Mirrors

At Square Enix

he worked as producer Dragon Quest Heroes: Calamity of the World Tree and Blight Below and Dragon Quest Heroes II

game. Before that, he was Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road and Assistant Producer of Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Victory .

ANN interviewed Aomi at 2007 about Dragon Quest Heroes: Scourge of the World Tree and Blight Below Gameplay. Source: Ryota Aomi’s Twitter account via Gematsu

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