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Drink up!Dublin's Nebraska-Northwest game has free beer

No internet, no problem, you can get a free beer at the Nebraska-Northwest game.

Win or lose, you can still watch the Nebraska-Northwestern game in Dublin.

Aviva Stadium’s internet outage in Irish capital as concession stand workers gave Big Ten football fans what they wanted, free beer. Whether they dig Guinness, Killian’s, or any Irish beer, free beer is still free beer, and that’s what counts! When the Wildcats or Cornhusks play Saturday, at least you can drink for free.

News of the distribution of free soapy water in the first half begins to spread out of the Week 0 game.

Beer/Now at Aviva Stadium It’s free because the internet is down 😂😂 Irish hospitality is top notch! #Huskers

— Jake Sorensen (@937JakeSorensen) August 27, 2022

Now the halls are full of sea or red and purple and need their Irish beer daddy.

It has been decided. Every collegiate season in Dublin should have a week 0 game. It’s perfect!

No internet, free beer: Nebraska – Northwest fans get some free soapy water in Dublin

While the NFL owns London, college football teams yesterday needed to use Dublin as their base of operations overseas. The Irish capital is a little smaller than the British capital, but the atmosphere is definitely huge. In Dublin and Lincoln, waking up early, tailgating and watching some football sounds like the perfect time. This is how you develop your movement, people!

While the novelty of going abroad to watch a mediocre Big Ten football game wears off over time, no one changes when they’re on holiday and have a free drink in Dublin beer. Clearly, the Irish understand what college football is all about. Other megacities in Europe could one day do the same, but Dublin is about to become the Atlanta of Europe!

Ultimately, we are happy that college football is back in our lives, and we are especially grateful that our friends in the British Isles can also enjoy what we enjoy. While the tradition and spectacle of Big Ten Western football may be fading to them for a while, the Irish are like the Midwesterners, and they’re here for a good time, not a long time. The best part: we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is no other way but to end this informative article in any other way: Cheers!

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