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Drink with the 2022 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Winners

After Monday’s CFDA Awards – many bold names dressed up and got their honor – CFDA, Vogue and Saks Proof that their celebration of emerging American fashion is not over. In the warm, wood-panelled chalet bar inside Saks L’Avenue Thursday night, many designers reconvened—a chance to warm up before the holiday shopping season kicks off and a brief moment of decompression.

The night welcomed the finalists in this year’s 2022CFDA/Vogue

category Fashion Fund; Jacques Agbobly of Black Boy Knits, Felisha Noel of Fe Noel, Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey, Taofeek Abijako of Head of State, Conley Averett of Judy Turner, Colm Dillane of Kidsuper, Pia Davis and No Sesso Autumn Randolph, Omar Salam Sukeina, Jackson Wiederhoeft of Wiederhoeft and Elena Velez of the CFDA Emerging Designer Award.

“We’re here to celebrate the next generation of American designers. Talk to the Vogue team tonight, the CFDA team, you Also ask us some unpleasant retail questions,” Saks Fifth Avenue fashion director Roopal Patel told partygoers standing next to her colleagues, including chief marketing officer Tracy Margolis

“I’m exhausted, but validated, which makes all the stress and all the hustle so worth it,” We were also joined by her husband and two children, Velez told us, who love the restaurant’s many posh snacks. “We are now trying to find the resources, the funding and the human element, and I hope this recognition makes the process easier. Some so that I can continue to provide a pipeline to the industry for many other collaborators that my work really believes in, like Morph Design Studio in Chicago; Nelson Kies from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where I’m from); all from China Tons of welders, mechanics and fabricators in the west; all my friends at Gallas Metal Works. That’s what the brand is at its core, so I come to [New York] as a professional outlet for what I do, and then I go home to really strengthen the authenticity of the brand.


The matchmaker in the crowd is Stephen Cole Cloth, who can be seen connecting the dots between buyers, Vogue editors and designers, hopefully from the list of celebrities who have emerged from the fund over the past decade Starting a new chapter, including Thom Browne, Telfar, Proenza Schouler, Aurora James, and Joseph Altuzarra. “I woke up the next morning, very proud,” Kolb muses Vogue of Monday night’s awards. “I know what we’ve done to get the industry to think differently, and it was clear Monday night that we’re starting to get there.

With the Q4 retail sprint and Q1 planning meeting looming over the next few weeks, everyone will be back to reality soon, but in the meantime, a Two glasses of sparkling wine and a few small hamburgers were just what the doctor ordered. “I felt like a princess on Monday, and today I’m a designer; the glass slipper fell off,” jokes Jacques Agboli. “I’m very grateful To be here and to end the past six months of incredible opportunity, mentorship and support with this celebration from people who just want to see you do great things. “



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