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“Driving My Car” won the International Film Critics' Film of the Year Award

Hamaguchi Ryusuke’s Japanese drama won the 2022 Oscar for Best International Picture.


‘Drive My Car’

Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Japanese drama Drive my car

won the Best Picture at the Fipresci Grand Prix , by International Federation of Film Critics.

Drive My Car last year in Cannes The premiere, which won best screenplay honors as well as the Felicity at the Cannes Film Festival, was the start of an awards season that culminated in this year’s Oscars for Best International Picture. This slow-burning drama unfolds primarily through dialogue between the playwright and his female driver, and is based on a short story by renowned Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.

For top Fipresci honors, Drive My Car

beat out four other Fipresci finalists this year: Thomas Anderson Licorice Pizza , Jane Campion The Power of the Dog , Reuben ·Ostrund Palme d’Or winner Triangle of Sorrow , and Joaquim Trier’s The Worst Man in the World


Fipresci Grand Prix will be held in September in 33 Day’s Opening Night 2022 San Sebastian International Films Festival 2022, there is a special screening Drive My Car planned during the event.

The International Federation of Film Critics from , previous winners include Pedro Almodóvar, Paul Thomas Anderson, Maren Ade, Michael Haneke, Aki Kaurismäki, Abdellatif Kechiche, Chloé Zhao and Richard Linklater Wait.

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