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Dropkick on My Devil!Also getting a new TV anime spin-off in Winter 2023

() The TV anime announced Friday that the anime will have a new spin-off TV anime series titled : Seikimatsu-hen ( The Arc of Apocalypse), will premiere

on BS NTV channel in winter. The site stresses that the TV spin-off is different from the crowdfunded fourth season of the anime. Unlike the previous anime, Makaria is being animated for a spin-off series.

. The second season, , premiered in April 2023 and10 episodes.

Crunchyroll Stream All10 This season’s episode.

The third season of animation, premiered in July 2020. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired.

The third season of the animation also launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in September 2020 and ends in December 2020 . 2,, 36,56 Yen (approx. ,30) for the campaign. A campaign supporter pledged 1.1 million yen (approximately US$,) created the title of this season and explained that the title expresses the hope that “Yurine and Jashin-chan will Keep going across every other and fighting forever.” Snow Wolf launched an original manga ] , the series is in progress.

The crowdfunding project for the fourth season of the anime has achieved initial success 10 million yen target (approximately USD36,) within November000 last year. The event ended up raising a total of 181,865,115 Yen (approx. ,25). The staff applied for the Guinness World Record for raising the most funds for an animation production project.

2023source: Anime site from Yaraon!





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