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Dropkick on My Devil!Anime hosts official doujinshi event

dropkick-3-kv©YUKIWO/COMIC METEOR/Jashin Committee3() TV animation announced on Sunday dōjinshi Groups sign up for the “Jashin-chan Fes” event on May 4th. The content must be suitable for all ages and must not plagiarize other works. It cannot be created entirely by artificial intelligence, nor can it contain obscenity or other content that the event organizers deem inappropriate. In addition, group representatives must complete compulsory education (up to Japanese junior high school graduation).

Submissions are limited to print books or magazines, paper, shikishi (often used for signed sketchpads) and illustrated cards, such as postcards. Participants do not need to send their work to the organizers beforehand, although they are asked to submit samples at the reception on the day of the event.

Activity plan display 13 groups. Participation fee 2, yen (approximately US dollars ), although students only need to pay Yen (approximately $4). Each group is provided with a long table and a chair, and the fee for each additional chair is 319 days Yuan.

The event will be held on May 4th at the Sumida Industrial Hall on the top floor of the Marui Kinshicho store. The event is designed to attract 1,000 visitors to be the largest Active in the history of the series. It will host official merchandise booths and feature stage performances featuring voice actors including Jashin-chan actress Aina Suzuki and actress Yurine Hanazono Nichika Omori . The series has previously hosted the “Jashin-chan Ten” event at the same location in the summer

The series is known for engaging fans in grassroots activism. A total of ,115 yen (approx. US dollars 964, ) at the end of January 000. The staff plans to apply for a Guinness World Record for raising the most money for an animation production project. The overall goal of the franchise is to crowdfund enough episodes to make a full fourth season titled NEXT ( Next).

Source: Otakomu Anime Site

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