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Dua Lipa Is the Latest Star to Wear These Major Platforms

Continuing on her mission to turn summer into an unending fashion show, Dua Lipa took to Instagram today to prove that the best way to accessorize a micro-mini dress is with a sky-high heel. It’s only the latest in her series of rave-ready looks interspersed with coastal goddess vibes, each outfit more scroll-stopping than the last.

The pop star turned the Mary Jane trend on its head with a pair of Marc Jacobs’s Kiki Ankle Boots in black, worn with a black and white floral lace minidress. The vertiginous platforms were perhaps better suited for lounging in the grass (which she did) than her usual dance floor domination.  “The higher the heel the closer to god,” she captioned. 

She’s not the only star to dare to try the Kiki boots. Beyoncé wore a sparkling black pair during the Renaissance Tour on August 30, and Olivia Rodrigo has worn the knee-high versions on several occasions. These powerhouse musicians know: exaggerated shapes and silhouettes make a splash in any setting. 



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