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Dua Lipa’s Carry-On Bag Is Luxe—and DIY’d

Seeing what celebrities wear to the airport is utterly fascinating. When Rihanna decides to fly wearing sky-high heels, or Angelina Jolie shows up in black tie, it becomes very apparent that, sometimes, no, stars are not just like us. Forget comfort dressing—catching a flight has become an excuse to flex a statement look, at least amongst A-listers. Case in point: Pop star Dua Lipa was spotted at JFK in New York last night delivering her own fashion-forward plane outfit, including a chic khaki trench with the matching scarf, and a New York Yankees cap. But we’re obsessed with her choice of carry-on bag, in particular. 

Forgoing a utilitarian backpack or duffle, Lipa’s version of a travel bag is a classic Hermès Birkin bag—a covetable style that can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000. Hers, in a classic black colorway, was even DIY’d: She decorated it with various keychains, for a more personal touch. (Anne Hathaway is another star who’s a fan of the decorated Birkin.) 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: a Birkin for the plane? It’s quite a luxurious accessory for the airport, but if you think about it, Birkins are meant to be worn and even beaten-up. Jane Birkin herself was known to destroy hers. So there’s something quite authentic about the idea of Lipa stuffing hers with a water bottle, snacks, and chargers. It’s not the most impractical bag, either—there’s room in there to schlep all of the things. Plus, you can’t deny how elegant it looks. Maybe we should start saving up for our own plane Birkin. Gotta work on affording that first class seat first, though. 



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