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Dua Lipa's Red Carpet History Proves She's Always Been a Fashion Girl

As one of the official co-hosts of this year’s Met Gala, Dua Lipa will be the center of attention the moment she steps onto the star-studded red carpet. (Her co-hosts include Penelope Cruz, Mikaela Kerr, Roger Federer and Anna Wintour.) Though we’ll have to wait until May 1 to see the singer on the occasion What exactly is worn, but we’re looking back at what has defined the superstar’s signature style over the years.

A trip down fashion memories reveals that Lipa has always been a true fashion girl. Since she first broke into the music scene with her self-titled LP in 2017, Lipa has navigated the move and repeated it with confidence and unique flair. Of course, Lipa’s fashion triumphs on the carpet are largely the result of her ongoing collaboration with stylist Lorenzo Posocco; together they embrace fresh, modern silhouettes that always deviate from the norm.

At the 2017 AMAs, for example, she opted for a satin pink Miu Miu gown with an oversized black bow at the waist. At the 2017 Grammys, she got even more stylish and channeled Cher in a sheer pink Versace sheath gown covered in dazzling shapes division. Just when you think you’ve mastered her style, Lipa pulls another . At the 2017 Brit Awards, she wore a custom Vivienne Westwood bustier dress with maxi train and exaggerated puffed hem.

As for Lipa’s Met Gala hit? She’s only been to one event, returning to 2017 for a “camp” themed event. The star wore a psychedelic print gown by Versace that featured a giant bow at the waist. That certainly led to a bold debut at the Met Gala — let’s hope she continues that adventurous spirit on May 1.

Here are some of Lipa’s best red carpet moments over the years.




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