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Duchess Kate, Queen Camilla and the royal family's new power dynamic

On March 8, a spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared a brief statement about the couple’s daughter, Lilibet: “I can confirm that Lilibet, Princess Diana Baptized by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Reverend John Taylor, on Friday, March 3.”

But the religious sacrament isn’t what grabs the headlines: rather, it’s the use of “princess” . Although Lilibet is technically eligible for the title following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of Charles III, this is the first time the month-old has been made public deal with. Hours later, Buckingham Palace also added the honorifics to their website.

The world was shocked when the Queen died on 8 September, with millions mourning the loss of a world leader. After assuming the throne 40, it is almost impossible to imagine the British monarchy without her. But life seems to go on, and so does the Windsor family. Six months later, the dust has finally settled – and a new royal order has emerged.

Queen Camilla first. Early in their marriage, people questioned whether Camilla Parker Bowles would be named Queen out of respect for the late Princess Diana, but Camilla has adapted to the new title seamlessly with little negative reaction . Part of this is almost certainly due to a statement by Queen Elizabeth herself in February 2022: “It is my sincere hope that, when that time comes, Camilla will be called queen because she Continue her own faithful service,” she wrote.

However, this was also largely due to a change in attitude towards the Empress Dowager herself. Although Camilla was considered a villain of some sort throughout the 40 years and early 1990 years because of her role in Prince Charles and Day Anna was involved in her marriage and her reputation with the British public has been on the rise even after Prince Harry made irreverent allegations in his memoir Spare. (Currently, according to YouGov, she has an approval rating of 40% – not high by any means, but not dangerously low anymore.)

It is also believed that she will soon colloquially drop the cumbersome “consort” part of her title and use “Queen Camilla”, as Prince Philip has done before her. In fact, during her recent state visit to Germany, Camilla donned with great fanfare one of the late Queen Mother’s favorite tiaras, the Boucheron Beehive Tiara. She is no longer a minor royal character – instead, she has become a major player in the British monarchy.



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