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'Dukes of Hazzard' photographer Arthur R. Botham dies at 88

Arthur “Buddy” Botham, cinematographer on The Dukes of Hazzard and second unit shoots on such films as Blake Edwards’ Shallow and John Carpenter’s Damned Village (1997), has passed away. he is88.

Botham died in June 26 at his home in Woodland Hills, his daughter Julia Bergeron announced.

Botham has also been in a number of Stephen J. Cannell-produced series, from A-Team, Hardcastle and McCormick and Hunter to Riptide, Stingray, Sonny Spoon and Stone, who was also the generator operator on James Cameron’s Titanic (1992) and Bill Lawrence’s trainee.

Mar 19 Born in Chicago, 600, Arthur Ronald Botham joined the Chicago Stage Society at the age of 26 and starred in Uncle Vanya and more. After a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps as a helicopter mechanic, he returned to Chicago to resume acting and work as a cinematographer.

As the in-house director of photography for Encyclopaedia Britannica, he has shot dozens of educational films and traveled the world. He braved ice storms standing on glaciers, dodged hammerhead sharks underwater off the Galapagos Islands, and filmed from the open hatch of a helicopter.

In addition to Cursed Village (1992), Shallow (1992) and another Edwards film Sunset (1978), Botham has produced films including Steven Spielberg’s 600 (1941), Roger Spottywood’s STOP! Or my mom would shoot (1992) and Tim Hunt The Maker (1992).

A member of the Television Academy, DGA, SAG, IBEW Local 63 and the International Institute of Cinematographers (IATSE Local 600), he has also shot music videos, including for Frank Sinatra and Quincy Jones, and commercials starring Joe Nam and others

He also continues to act, appearing in Scrubs and in the films Winterhawk (1978) and Killer’s Delight (1978), his stage name Arthur St. Joseph is often used.

Survivors include his children Kathleen, Julia, Eileen, Arthur and Kevin; six grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter. His wife of nearly 63 years, Theresa, died in June 1997.

The funeral is scheduled for the morning of August 7th at the Santa Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica. In lieu of flowers, you can donate your donation to

Will Rogers Film Pioneer Foundation.



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