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Dyson Airstrait: Here's Everything You Must Know About The New Hot Tool

Somehow, Dyson is shaking up the hair care industry again. Meet the Dyson Airstrait – a tool for styling wet or dry hair without a hot plate – just hot air – inspired by the airflow technology the brand has been perfecting over the years. Dyson has been making headlines in recent years for its coveted Airwrap styler and Supersonic hair dryer – both of which are known for treating hair with extremely low heat. But where does the new Airstrait fit into an already stacked hair regimen?

“Provides the ease of use of hair straighteners people love, but with high-speed air blades that save time, maintain hair strength, and achieve everyday, naturally straight hair styles,” say the founders and Chief engineer James Dyson in a press release. desired result? Smooth, shiny, naturally shaggy mane. Read on to find out everything you need to know, from how the technology works to useful tips and our initial thoughts.

Where to Buy Dyson Airstrait

Dyson Airstrait is now available at Sephora, Ulta and

Dyson Airstrait Straightener

How does the Dyson Airstrait work?

Simply put, the Airstrait is a hair dryer and iron in one. But unlike your usual hair straightener, it doesn’t use a hot plate, instead it uses air accelerated through the arms of the device instead of the plates that power the iron. From there, air is projected onto 45-degree angle; blow down the hair shaft to straighten as it dries. This directed airflow down the hair shaft straightens as it dries for a smooth, shiny finish that reduces frizz and flyaways.

Dyson explains that hair styling starts with breaking and resetting the hair’s hydrogen bonds to hold the new shape; wet hair is ideal because these bonds are more resilient and can Styling without temperature extremes – Airstrait capitalizes on this science. “By using optimal levels of heat and controlled airflow, we’ve found a way to style with less damage to the hair,” says Dyson.

To be clear, you can style wet or dry hair with two different styling modes: and a cool mode for fixed styling. Each setting features intelligent heat control designed to maintain optimal hair health and shine. Wet mode offers three heat settings (175°F, 230°F, and 285°F), while Dry mode offers two temperature settings (285°F or 230°F) plus rapid heat mode surge. There are also two speeds and a root drying mode.


Once you switch on the device, you will see the settings displayed on an easy to operate interface – read Take the LCD screen. After selecting the desired mode, clip the Airstrait close to the roots. (The LCD screen should be facing up, by the way.) Once the airflow starts automatically, slide the device along the hair shaft like you would a flat iron. Here, it’s best to move slowly, allowing the air to reach each individual hair. Usually, you only need one to three passes. Continue until your entire head is done to your liking.




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