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EA, Koei Tecmo Announce Heart of the Wild Hunting Game

Electronic Arts (EA) and

KOEI Tecmo on Wednesday announced a new product called Wild Hearts game. KOEI Tecmo‘s Omega Force studio will develop the fantasy set in Hunting Game Feudal Japan”, EA will release the game under its EA Originals label. The game will be available on PlayStation in February through the Origin, Steam and Epic game stores 5. Available on Xbox Series X|S and PC , 650.

The game will get an extended trailer on October 5.

The hunting adventure game will feature crafting mechanics. The story takes place in a world inspired by feudal Japan Agami. With the help of Karakuri, players will fight Kemono, a gigantic beast of natural fusion, a mechanic from a lost ancient technology. After fighting the Deathstalker, the winter wolf, players will become bearers of life-sustaining technology and must restore balance to the entire region.

Up to two additional players may participate in the co-op game “The Hunt”. The game will be available on all platforms Cross-play. There will also be special missions. Two friends thank the game for its co-op and cross-play features on all platforms. The game will be voiced in English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish. 189611 EA and KOEI Tecmo announced their Partnership.

Omega Force with its Warriors/Musou series of games such as Dynasty Warriors and . KOEI Tecmo Games and Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (Shin Sangoku Musō 8 Empires) The game was launched in Japan last December. The company launched the game in North America and Europe in February.

EA is known for its trademark game series such as The Sims, EA SPORTS, Battlefield, APEX Legends, Need Speed, Titanfall and Plants vs Zombies .

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